Montonworks Collection

​The team at Montonworks came across this beautiful range of products whilst in Spain, unwinding at Finca Gran Cerros. Upon meeting the owners, they immediately fell in love with everything about their rural retreat and the wonderful range of candles, diffusers, soaps, hand lotions and room sprays that they have created, and make themselves by hand.

The epitome of tranquil Spain, Finca Gran Cerros nestles into the Andalusian hillside just a few minutes’ drive from the traditional ‘white village’ of Álora and it’s from this part of traditional, rural, Spain that these products originate.  Combining passion for the best quality home fragrance with the product range from Finca Gran Cerros, and the strong, captivating, long-lasting scent from each of them, the Montonworks team knew that they had to bring the wonderful scents that they found in Andalusia home to the UK, for everyone to enjoy.

We love this range too, and are working closely with Montonworks to bring to you the latest updates in fragrances from this wonderful place. 

The Monton Mama