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Scented products have recently seen a huge resurgence in the last 12 months and there could be many reasons why. It may be that people are working from home more and in need of some sort of change in senses to separate their home and work spaces . Alternatively people may be finding themselves wanting a treat and lighting a candle may be just the ticket to brighten up the day. 
The good news is that I have found a range of scented products that are not only deliciously fragrant, but also last for longer than any other product that I have previously tried. Montonworks are a bright new start-up company that have seen their products flying from the shelves. They have sourced this beautiful range of products from rural Spain, which they found whilst unwinding at Finca Gran Cerros. The Montonworks team immediately fell in love with everything about their retreat and the wonderful range of hand crafted candles, diffusers and room sprays with essence matching soaps and hand lotions that the Finca Gran Cerros team have designed themselves.

The epitome of tranquil Spain, Finca Gran Cerros is nestled into the Andalusian hillside just a short drive from the traditional ‘white village’ of Álora. It is from this part of the rustic Spanish hillside that these stunning products originate. Combining passion for the best quality home fragrance with the captivating, long-lasting scent from each of them, the Montonworks team knew that they had to bring the wonderful scents that they found in Andalusia home to the UK, for everyone to enjoy.

Having managed to get my hands on some of their products, I can totally see why they fell for them enough to start their own company importing and retailing them! 

I had a Spiced Orange diffuser from them for one week and my house still maintains the fragrance a good few days after its return. I would never expect this and it has been a real treat to have maintained the fragrance for so long. The scent itself isn't one that I would have ordinarily tried, but its warmth and zest is unparalleled in any fragrance I have tried before. 

The Candle I chose to test drive was the Mountain Breeze fragrance. More in keeping with my usual choice of aromas, I can honestly say that this is by far my favorite product int he range. It leaves the air in your home smelling genuinely clean and fresh, like you have washed every fabric item in the house in the most subtle of fragrances. The candles also emit their aroma before they are lit which is also an added bonus and adds longevity to the product.

I also got my hands on a set of the Blackcurrant Tuberose Hand Wash and Hand Lotion. I cannot recommend this pair enough! My hands still radiated with fresh fragrance, even after numerous cleansing and sanitizing sessions. It almost feels like the products have a way of getting hold of your skin to retain the beautiful fragrances in ways that only a magician would know how.

I love this range too, and am working closely with Montonworks to bring to you the latest updates in fragrances from this wonderful part of the world.

To purchase and of the products in the Montonworks range, follow the link below and I will keep the site up to date with the latest products in the range.

To read more about Montonworks and their ethos, head over to their own site

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