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Looks like what?

Lorraine, also known as Rayne – a mum of two with a passion for creativity, sustainability and cake. Sounds like my kinda gal! 

I met Rayne early 2019 when I decided that I wanted to relive my youth and get back into tap dancing! I say youth... I was still tap dancing way into my 20's and really wanted to get some independence back when I felt I could leave my little boy with a babysitter for the evening. Lorraine was one of the first people that welcomed me into the class with open arms and the first thing I noticed was her charisma and energy, even when it started to get late in the day. This aura that she has shines through and is so clear to see through her vibrant local business.

Rayne started her brand Looks Like Rayne a few years ago whilst working in the advertising industry as an outlet for her love of designing and making. Since then, her working life has taken a few twists along the way and more recently she has made the jump to dedicate her time to her own business. Everything Rayne makes is hand finished to perfection in her home studio in Monton. The enjoyment she gets from flexing her design muscles is unparalleled and she believes that everyone is individual and has creativity at their core. Because of that she loves bringing to life your ideas in custom tees and hoodies – so if there’s something that really screams ‘you’ that you’d love to own on a top, get in touch and she can help you make that a reality.

And this is how I came to be developing our Christmas Loungewear range for all of the family. With Christmas on the horizon and our creative juices flowing, Rayne and The Monton Mama are gathering quite a little catalogue of loungewear that will be available across all the ages. Our garments will be available very soon on The Monton Mama website, FB and Instagram and we can't wait to show it to you!

To see what is currently available from us, follow the link below or visit Rayne on her website where she would be happy to discuss any ideas that you may want to bring to life.

The Monton Mama

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