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Driving around to get the little ones to sleep or walking with them in the pram is my ideal opportunity to get my fix of the latest episodes of my favourite podcasts. As with most people these days, I have had a listen to a good few over the last few months and it is so exciting when a new episode is added. My podcasts of choice at the moment are Made by Mammas with Zoe and Georgia and Happy Place by Fearne Cotton.  I have found Made by Mammas an absolute dream to listen to and feel like my own little ones have grown up with theirs! 
My motherhood journey would have been such a different experience had I not stumbled across this gem of advice, personality and collection of guests with such interesting topics of discussion. Their conversational way makes you feel like you are part of their conversation and both hosts are brilliant at championing parents who choose their own paths. In fact, I have probably spent more time in their company than my own friends and family this year! Both Zoe and Georgia have their own quirks which draws you in to their friendship; Zoe with her sex chat at any opportunity and Georgia talking anything food gives you an idea of the variety of topics that are up for discussion. Their new Friday Q&A sessions offer up a wealth of great tips and sources of information too!
When I first started listening to them, I could have put money on Zoe actually being Fearne Cotton in disguise! They have such similar voices that I feel like I have listened to her for years and that draws me in even more. 
This moves me on to my other podcast fave at the moment.... Happy Place by Fearne Cotton. What. A. TREAT! Listening to well known people of all walks of life opening up to discuss their life journeys is so interesting. Guests such as Kelly Jones discussing his life changes and family life, Dynamo opening up about living with Crohn's and Nadiya Hussain talking about her upbringing, Happy Place is never a dull hour!
If you have a favourite Podcast that brings you joy, let me know... I love a good podcast! 
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