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In The Monton Mama spotlight this week is Hypnobirthing with Stella.


Stella and I met through our sons being in the same class at nursery and we watched them from a very young age interacting well together and becoming little buddies. By chance we both booked to take the children to a mini music event which was where we really got chatting! Since then and during lockdown, we have got to know each other and both love watching our little people chattering away and playing so nicely together.

Stella is one of those wonderful people who seem to ooze positivity from her core, which is why when she told me that she wanted to be a hypnobirthing consultant I couldn't think of a more suited career for her. Being around her is like a breath of fresh air and she always helps you to put perspective to any situation. Having herself had hypnobirthing classes before the arrival of her son, she had spoken about passing on her knowledge and experience to mums to be, and here is the story of how she decided to take that  leap. 

As a student Stella trained at A level in Sports Development and Fitness and then went on to train as a Fitness Instructor. Fitness has always been a passion of hers and combining 2 loves to create her niche in the health and wellness world boosts her own wellness which helps her positivity breed. During her early fitness instruction days, Stella really enjoyed the one to one mum support and helping mums get back on their feet. This was a great job but financially not ideal and so she decided to follow a different career path as a recruitment consultant.  Not only was it financially rewarding but also taught her a lot of life skills from finance and budgeting, to sales planning and computer literacy. She enjoyed this time in her life and felt happy with the progression she was making.
Fast forward a few years, Stella became pregnant and discovered hypnobirthing. This was an eye opener and reignited her love for physiology and the amazing human body. Her role in recruitment after Maternity leave never felt the same and she knew deep down the demands of the role meant she had to sacrifice time with her son which wasn't ideal. When redundancy was put on the cards, she took the hand that she was dealt and invested in retraining as a hypnobirthing practitioner, refreshed her fitness qualifications and decided to train as a Breastfeeding counsellor and in baby massage.
Based in Monton, she is here among us to support mums by running 1:1 and group hypnobirthing courses as well as pre and post natal classes, all of which adhere to COVID safe risk assessments. 
You can book and of the courses available by Hypnobirthing with Stella on The Monton Mama website and links these are below.
To find out more about Stella or to contact her directly, head over to www.hypnobirthingwithstella.com or visit her social media pages @hypnobirthingstella
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