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In The Monton Mama spotlight this week Baby Moves with Joanne and Danielle.

As we are heading out of lockdown, baby classes are able to begin again... HURRAY!  For any parent looking for a stimulating and magical world of exploration then we recommend giving Baby Moves with Joanne and Danielle a try. They explore ways to encourage your little ones physical development in a safe and fun environment.

Baby classes are an excellent way to connect with parents who have babies at the same developmental stage, which creates a unique bond for both baby and parent. Having a community of parents to speak candidly to can be so beneficial and a warm, friendly class forms a safe space for you to ask questions both to fellow  parents and to the brilliant instructors who have played a part in the lives of many a local family!

Joanne and Danielle both have experience working with children of all ages and are an absolute pleasure to be around. Their spirit and depth of knowledge really shines through and you truly feel like you are able to relax in safe hands.

Baby Moves with Joanne and Danielle promises to awaken your babies senses and show them a multitude of colours, shapes, sounds and textures. From the day that they are born their senses are continually developing and their memories begin to form. Week on week you will see the difference in focus and attention, and how fascinated with the world they become. Motor skills will develop and in what feels like no time at all you will see your once newborn start to grab objects, reach for things further away, pass items from hand to hand, sit, stand, toddle, climb .... the list goes on and on!

Measures are in place to ensure the safety of participants young and old and some of these precautions we are taking are:

  • They will deep clean everything prior to each class.
  • For the foreseeable future they will not be using any porous items.
  • There will be antibacterial wipes at each station, both staff and parents will be able to wipe down equipment in between usage.
  • They will only be using wipeable equipment.
  • They have plenty of space to distance and will still maintain a friendly natured session.
  • The space is warm and well ventilated for the comfort of you and your little one.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them either via their Facebook page or email
Classes will be starting back from 8th September for both movers and non-movers alike. Available sessions are on Tuesdays 10.30am (non-movers) and 11.30am (movers) at their brand new venue:
Bridgewater Studios
Hope to see you there..... if they still have spaces available that is!!
The Monton Mama

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