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Hello fellow Mums, Dads, parents to be and anyone else who has made it here!

I am Heather aka The Monton Mama  and this is my first ever blog! 

As a mum of 2, I have had my fair share of "firsts" over the last few years so why not start a blog! 

Having all navigated our way through the last few months in lockdown, I thought I would gather some mum-spiration and help to bring information, products and services that may help any parents and parents-to-be. 

Through The Monton Mama , I will be promoting local classes and supporting new parents who may have found the start of their journey not quite as they had planned. 

Having baby number 2 arrive just 6 weeks before lockdown, it was a bit of a shock to find my partner and our little boy of just 15 months at home with myself and the little lady, so I can only imagine what life has been like for those who have been navigating their way through the first throws of parenthood! 

With having such a close age gap, I have a full memory of my first maternity leave, turning up at a fellow new mums house at 6:30am with the baby in tow just so that she could play with him while I had a hot coffee. 

Trying out the various music, dance, singing classes and toddler groups was a blast and something that I was fully looking forward to, especially as this time 3 of my closest friends were having babies in the few short weeks after I was. The idea of our little crew having a maternity club now feels like it was some sort of pipe dream, the only saving grace being that we have all gone through this strange time together and moving forward, we can fully appreciate the support we gave each other. 

So as we are now starting to see classes, clubs and social gatherings on the rise, I thought I would try to collate the information for my fellow Monton Mamas ( and Dadas of course) to help them to connect with other newbie parents that have all be going through the same solitary start in their parenthood journey. If you have a group, club or event that you would like to share, please send your information to and I would be happy to spread the word.

Much Love, 


The Monton Mama 

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