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I've been promised that these 4am party sessions with our dear son end eventually but the killer question is WHEN?? As if we aren't tired enough from meeting all of their needs during the day, apparently 4am is when it is time to start yelling at the top of your voice and demanding to use the iPad. And if it isn't dear son doing that, it is darling daughter practicing her crawling skills at 3am as if it is a reasonable time to be having a mooch around the cot. "Sweetheart,I love you but go the F to sleep" through a smile full of gritted teeth doesn't cut the mustard so how are us super tired people meant to function in the real world? 

I'd love to tell you that there is a magic potion to find such a substance, but you'd be hard pushed to find anything that won't send you to the slammer. And being such a goody-2-shoes makes that a direction to be avoided at all costs! So where does that leave you? 8pm bedtimes and copious amounts of caffeine I'm afraid. 

The good news is that coffee is the new alcohol. There seems to be coffee shops and brew carts popping up just about everywhere as if my prayers to the God(s) have been answered! In this beautiful, albeit rather wet part of the North called Monton, the selection of coffee shops has a roast to suit your pallet and budget. It is my absolute pleasure to give you a rundown of my top 3!

In at 3 is the independent Urban Village Eatery. They have a really good selection of different milks for you to try in your favourite coffee style. I particularly like their soya Latte composition which ticks all of the hug-in-a-mug boxes I need from my brew. Urban Village Eatery also have a really healthy menu and are a company based purely around health and wellbeing... something we could all remind ourselves about every now and again

Number 2 Spot goes to The Monton Van. Situated on Canal Bank near Monton Medical Centre, this excellent van provides not just a budget brew but also some fine conversation with Lynsey and her regular visitors too. I have seen Lynsey grow the van and develop the menu into much more than she originally anticipated and her hard work has paid off. Come rain or shine, she'll be there to pour you a brew and put the world to rights!

Top of the shop for me has to be Vintage Ambiance. Dan and the team in there not only serve in such a way that even when they are full and have to turn you away, you still feel wanted and respected as a customer. And the times where you do get a table they are so passionate about their products that they can guide you into choosing the perfect brew for you. Tea, coffee and cocktails are just the start with their impeccable menu to boot. It's no wonder you can't be guaranteed a table no matter what time you turn up. 

On that note, I'm off to get some rest while the munchkins are sleeping. You know what they say... Better latte than never! (sorry it's been a long day and I couldn't resist!)

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